Rockford Plantation
October13 &14 2007

The Rockford Plantation event was excellent although the rain on Friday traveling to the event
got us worried. It lasted only until early evening then the rest of the weekend was great. A big plus of the weekend was the the tours of General Hand's home and getting to see and handle the Kaufman Pennsylvania longrifle collection.
Saturday evening's party along with free micro brew was great!

Men at arms:
Commander of Selin's Company: Sergeant Steve Collward
Pvts: Rick Valent, Bill Baldwin, Bob Recher and Chris Fisher
Commander of the Rifle Corps at Rockford: Lieutenant Jim Filipski
Camp Followers: Karen Filipski & Diane Recher
and Dawg!

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Selin's Company at Rockford The Cook's at work Gourmet Food Friday Night Bill prepares veggies
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Almost ready Chris Karen braves the morning Rifle Corps Lt.
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Carl & Jim discuss battle Steve Diane & Dawg Bill with special "polish tea"
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Happy faces Chris take a snooze Camp kitchen Chris & Bob
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Saturday night's festivities at the party Who asked Bill for a Toast? A Toast